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Terrorism abatement in J&K, Pakistan has always received a curt reply from our security forces defying their impertinent thoughts

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Srinagar: The Supreme Court’s revolutionary verdict on the abrogation of Article 370 has brought a new era of democracy in the valley. Pakistan with its blasphemous ideology of spreading terrorism and disrupting the peace and prosperity in the valley of J&K has been delt with a curt response from our security forces denting their impertinent thoughts. “POK is part of India, we will take it back and no one can stop us”, remarked Home Minister of India, Amit Shah.

The valley of Jammu and Kashmir has prominently seen a multitude of turmoil since time immemorial, being a conflicted region for the past decades between India and Pakistan it has witnessed stagnation with its developmental projects and has been under the beleaguerment of terrorism, unemployment, deprivation, destitution. The Kashmir-based politicians deluded the common masses with slogans like autonomy and self-rule, stated noted social and peace activist Sheikh Jamsheed.

Various sectors faced tremendous losses due to the continuous insurgencies. The education sector encountered numerous deprivation and destitution due to the closure of the schools from time to time due to which the studies of the children was greatly impacted which played a crucial role in impeding their path to excellence. Apart from the education sector, other sectors include the economic sector of the valley local businesses were completely shut leaving them distraught.

Small entrepreneurs were unable to avail their source of livelihood. The healthcare sector faced several restrictions posing serious threats to the safety and wellbeing of the people. The agricultural sector faced immense hardships, communication and connectivity was completely shut and lifeless for a gigantic time period due to which people faced enormous troubles and problems. One of the major setbacks the region faced was the “tourism sector”.

The valley is known for its spectacular beauty and magnificent scenery all around the world, people found it difficult to visit the valley due to the restrictions imposed by the government. The peace, tranquillity and prosperity of the valley seemed threatened, On the contrary, Pakistan being the supporter of the terrorism always wanted to harm the peace and stability of the valley.

Pakistan, with their blasphemous mentality always rushed to destabilize the peace in the valley but have been receiving a curt reply from our security forces with a sense of resilience and persistence. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has always been pernicious in her actions to create unrest in the valley but our brave and ardent security forces and J&K police have been playing a significant role in defying their impertinent acts.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has been enthusiastically working towards the betterment and development of the valley and has implemented various strategies to defy the Pak’s contemptuous ideologies. The Prime Minister said that he considers Kashmir as his Parivaar, or family. “Parivaar is always in our hearts and minds. Mentioning that Article 370 had only advantaged the Kashmir-based politicians and their families.

He also said that, the abrogation of the Article in the valley brought up the new era of democracy in the valley and also opened new heights and opportunities to the people of J&K. After the revocation of the article, “democracy and normalcy has returned to the valley and now the valley is pursuing all-round development and advancement in every field”.

The UT of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh is an inalienable and an integral part of India. It is of paramount importance that we don’t lose the sight of the fact that the People of J&K are now moving ahead on the path of peace, development, prosperity and stability. They are now able to enjoy the egalitarian system and can also access all the centrally-sponsored Schemes that all the other citizens of the country are enjoying.

The milestones India has achieved in the field of science and technology are endless. Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in different sectors and has been incredibly up with its economy. The G20 meetings were held in the valley which rekindled and rejuvenated the socio-economic growth and provided an opportunity to the valley to manifest its traditional assets, Kashmiri-handicrafts, handlooms and ancient culture globally.

After the successful conduct of G20 meetings in the valley, it witnessed a remarkable shift in all-round development of the valley. It provided the valley a platform to showcase its beauty at the global level which resulted in an increase in the flow of inquiries and bookings from foreign tourists. J&K Tourism Secretary Syed Abid Rashid said that conducting the G20 summit was a change-factor for the tourism generation in the valley.

In his message, he says that, they are getting substantial bookings from the foreign countries, who have never been to the valley before. Adding, “We remain hopeful that in the upcoming times, we will be presenting the valley as a global destination. Pakistan on the other hand, has been pernicious and detrimental with their Irrelevant thoughts to harm the peace and stability in the valley of J&K.

Recent terror attacks in the Jammu region or in the Kashmir region pose significant threats to the wellbeing and safety of the people. But, our Indian Army, and J&K police are not leaving a stone unturned to defy the blasphemous thoughts of Pakistan. Pakistan always fuelled the minds of the innocent lives in the heaven-like Kashmir and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands in the valley.

Pakistan never wanted Kashmir to move forward to be developed, and they sent the Pak-based terrorists into the valley and destabilized peace several times, which resulted in the stagnation of the development for the valley. But, after the revocation of the Article, the valley began to move on the path of peace, development and advancement. The Modi-led Government, provided several platforms to the valley for its development and also enhanced various centrally-sponsored schemes for the welfare and development of the citizens.

The Union Home Minister of India Amit Shah has declared, “POK is an integral part of India, and we will take it back “. He emphasized the fact that POK was always the part of India, and Pakistan is not overcoming their cheap ideology due to which it is clear that in future we will take the “POK”, back and no one can stop us.

Lieutenant Governor of UT, Manoj Sinha in a message said, ” militancy is breathing its last breath in Jammu-Kashmir. LG Manoj Sinha, has always passionately worked for the valleys development and prosperity which is clearly evident from progress the valley has made after the revocation of its special status. In order to eliminate the terrorism in the valley, civilians should also take the stand and assist the security forces especially J&K Police in the eradication of this evil from the valley thoroughly.


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