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Stop the police action against protestors and the survey for Barsu Refinery immediately, says Balasaheb Thorat

Whose interests are involved in Barsu Refinery? While the situation in Maharashtra is raging, the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister are nowhere to be seen., questioned Thorat.

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Mumbai: Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Balasaheb Thorat on Tuesday has demanded that the police action as well as the survey at the Barsu refinery site in Ratnagiri district should be stopped immediately. 

“At the Barsu refinery site in Ratnagiri, local citizens, women and children are all protesting against the survey. The oppression of the locals and the media representatives covering the protest by the police is highly condemnable”, stated Thorat in a statement issued here today.

Talking about the refinery project at Barsu, Balasaheb Thorat said that last week in the name of Mumbai-Vadodara Express, the police attacked the women with sticks to forcibly take over the land of the poor tribal people. Hundreds of trees in Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony were cut in the darkness of the night yesterday amid police protection. While these incidents are fresh, the police have started cracking down on the local residents who are opposing the Barsu Refinery which threatens to destroy the environment of the region.

While all these things are going on in Maharashtra, the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has gone on vacation and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is not ready to utter a word. Whose interests are involved in Barsu Refinery? It is wrong to harass people in the name of development. If the local people are against the refinery, why is the government not talking to them? Thorat has asked such questions.

Fourteen people had died in the Maharashtra Bhushan award ceremony due to the government’s blunder. Does the government want to kill the farmers by oppressing them while they are protesting at Barsu? Thorat also said that the Shinde-Fadnavis government should stop this bullying immediately.


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