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Shocking Video Shows Patient Left to Die Outside Hospital in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh

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A disturbing video has surfaced from a private hospital in Ghiror, Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, revealing a harrowing incident where a young girl was abandoned outside the hospital as her condition deteriorated. The video captures the heart-wrenching moment when the hospital staff allegedly expelled her from the facility. Tragically, the girl succumbed to her condition due to lack of timely medical attention.

In the viral video, personnel from Radha Swami Hospital can be seen placing the unconscious patient on a motorcycle and hastily retreating indoors upon noticing a camera. The video, widely shared on Twitter, has sparked outrage and raised concerns about medical ethics and patient care.

Following the incident, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) has reportedly taken swift action to seal the hospital.

This incident is not isolated, as Uttar Pradesh has witnessed a series of cases involving medical negligence in recent times. Just days ago, at Amethi’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, a newlywed woman tragically lost her life after being administered anesthesia. In response to this tragic event, UP Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak initiated an investigation, revealing serious medical negligence on the part of the hospital. Consequently, an order was issued to seal the hospital, highlighting the urgency of addressing such grave issues in the healthcare system.


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