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Scholarship worth Rs 45 lakh announced for Adv Bodhi S Ramteke of Gadchiroli district for higher education

Selected among 15 scholars from around the world, which is a global recognition of the work for underprivileged and tribals.

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Gadchiroli / Chandrapur: The world-renowned Erasmus Mundus scholarship of 45 lakhs that is given by the European Education and Culture Executive Commission (EE&CEC) for higher education has been announced to Adv. Bodhi Sham Ramteke, a young lawyer from Chamorshi in the tribal district of Gadchiroli.

Only 15 scholars were selected for this scholarship from around the world. For the next two years in England, Spain, Norway and Sweden, Bodhi will seek higher education in law in the joint course of four renowned universities in the world.

Barely 24 years old, this young man has been recognized by European countries for his social work for the rights of the underprivileged, tribals and awarded a scholarship. Bodhi Ramteke, a young lawyer from a tribal-dominated area, who has been awarded the world reputed scholarship has raised the honour of Chamorshi and Gadchiroli district.

Bodhi did his primary education in Chamorshi and Navodaya Vidyalaya. He studied law at ILS Law College, Pune. While studying, he founded the social organization ‘Path’ with like-minded friends Adv. Deepak Chatap and Adv. Vaishnav Ingole worked to give voice to the fundamental problems of the weaker sections of the state.

European countries have taken constructive notice of his social work. For the next two years he will be pursuing higher education in four world universities for the course in Human Rights Practice and Policy. He will be seeking higher education for the next two years at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, University of Deusto in Spain, University of Roehampton in London, and University of Tromsø in Norway. The entire cost for this has been borne by the European Commission.

There has been global recognition of his work

• Filed petitions in Human Rights Commission (HRC) and High Court on fundamental issues of Adim Kolam and Madia communities in Gadchiroli and Chandrapur districts and lent voice to the issues these communities faced.

• After getting Samata Fellowship from Coro India he worked on the subject of Constitutional Values and created an online course on ‘Constitutional Ethics’ and imparted training on Constitution to 1200 students of the state.

• Filed petitions for pregnant women to get health facilities in the remote Bhamragad taluka of Gadchiroli which became important.

• Researched on the difficulties faced by the primitive communities in the justice system and presented a report at an international conference in Egypt.

• Wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court regarding the necessity of roads and bridges in remote villages. Through a public interest petition, a legal battle was fought to get a road and bridge for the 1500 residents of the remote Venganur area of Gadchiroli.

• The book ‘Nyaya’, which provides information on law in simple language, became important and popular for the underprivileged sections.

• His work as a Legal Researcher in the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi was noteworthy.

Use of education only for the downtrodden

The inspiration of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and the encouragement of my parents and friends are important cornerstones in my journey. Experienced the problems of the deprived, tribal community in the society while working at the grassroots level. By seeking higher education efforts must be made to present and solve the problems faced here at the global level. It should be the dream of every educated person to use their education for the betterment of the society. This opportunity given by the European countries by showing faith in me shall give me the strength to create constructive work for the disadvantaged groups in the future, says Adv. Bodhi S Ramteke.


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