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Russian embassy in US hosts solemn evening to mark occasion of Fatherland Day

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New Delhi: The Russian Embassy in the United States of America (USA) recentlyhosted a solemn evening on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day.

The event was attended by ambassadors and military attachés of friendly countries, Russian and American journalists and compatriots.

Exhibitions dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War and on atrocities of Ukrainian armed formations in Donbass were displayed at the Russian diplomatic mission.

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Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Aanatoly Antonov remarked “Throughout our centuries-long history, we have paid special attention to our military. We have spared no effort and resources so that it could defend the Fatherland in times of need.”

We have witnessed major upheavals in various regions of the world. The disregard for basic principles of international relations that form the basis of the UN Charter no longer surprises anyone. The trend towards increased unpredictability and conflict is apparent.

Russia has been doing and keeps doing its best to solve arising problems peacefully. However, we run up against opposition who is not ready to give up on the unipolar world order. Time will show whether our opponents are capable of sober thinking, which implies a refusal to create dividing lines and the beginning of work to restore strategic stability that is in demand today as never before.

On April 25, 1945, there was a famous meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe River. We remember that time when our countries stood shoulder to shoulder to save humanity from Nazism. It is our hope that the spirit of the Elbe will not just remain a symbol in relations, but will actually help us improve the situation in the world.

Russia will continue to do everything possible to develop constructive cooperation, to strengthen trust and mutual understanding between politicians and the military. We will work to shape a just world order based on international law, the principle of indivisibility of security and strict observance of the UN Charter.


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