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Russia reiterates the need on maintaining and strengthening central role of ASEAN in East Asia

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New Delhi: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Rudenko participated in the East Asia Summit Senior Officials’ Meeting (#EAS SOM) in Jakarta, Indonesia on Wednesday.

Senior officials discussed issues related to preparation for the EAS Summit and EAS Foreign Ministers’ meeting later this year.

The Russian side emphasized the importance of continuing joint efforts in key areas of cooperation within the EAS including implementation of the leaders’ decisions on launching Regional Mechanism of Emerging Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control (RMEIDPC) as well as establishing interaction among the EAS participating States on tourism.

As part of the exchange of views on topical issues in the Asia-Pacific, the Russian delegation voiced its approach towards the military-political risks associated with building up a network of minilateral blocs of high conflict potential in the region and bringing NATO potential to East Asia.

Russia reiterated its position on the maintaining and strengthening the central role of ASEAN in regional affairs based on ASEAN-led platforms of multilateral cooperation such as EAS, ARF and ADMM-Plus.


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