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Russia lashes out at Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, says UK has no moral right to sit at G20


Moscow: The Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom has taken note of yet another anti-Russian statement by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), this time questioning Russia’s “moral right” to sit at the G20. In a statement issued here on August 22, Russia lashed out at the UK questioning its track record of colonial crimes, committed almost in all the corners of the former “empire on which the sun never set.”

“We consider this a sign of London’s apparent despair amid the deadlocked efforts of British foreign policy to impose a perception of our country being internationally isolated on the global community”.

In a stinging tone, the statement reads, “We are puzzled to hear teachings about “moral rights” from a country, whose colonial crimes, committed almost in all corners of the former “empire on which the sun never set”, are still the subject of extensive studies and discussion around the world. If we start talking about morality, a legitimate question arises – by what right does the UK sit at the G20 alongside some countries which had in the past suffered themselves from the predatory, aggressive and bloody wars unleashed by London, the deception and looting of their people, as well as the massive removal of their national assets and cultural attractions”.

Russia has termed such statements especially hypocritical after the UK, together with NATO allies discredited itself by actively participating in illegal and aggressive military campaigns in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria, as well as in other countries of the Middle East and Africa. “We would also like to recall the recent BBC investigations of war crimes committed by British soldiers in Afghanistan”, adds the Russian statement.

Russia argues that it is well aware of the motives pushing the so-called “collective West”, including the UK, to persist with futile attempts to restore the former comfortable monopoly in international affairs and, for this purpose, to settle scores with independent states that conduct a sovereign policy based on national interests.

The Russian statement further adds, “In this regard we have to remind the FCDO that Western countries today account for only about 12 % of the world’s population. We call on London to stop undermining the foundations of a successfully established and strengthening polycentric world order, with the G20 being one of its constituent parts, and to demonstrate a responsible and respectful approach to other countries and nations.”


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