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Restore quota and travel expenses of Haj pilgrims as per original, demands Naseem Khan

Central government’s decision shatters the dreams of thousands of Haj pilgrims.

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Mumbai: Even the dream of Muslims wanting to go on a Haj pilgrimage has faded away. The central government was giving concessions to Haj pilgrims but the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government at the centre has reduced the quota of Haj pilgrims and increased the cost of the pilgrimage. Former minister of the state and working president of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), Naseem Khan, has demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should pay attention to the issue personally and restore the quota of pilgrims and reduce the cost to give relief to the Muslim brothers.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naseem Khan stated that the people going for Haj through the Central Haj Committee are very poor and economically disadvantaged. Till 2019, 2 lakh people were sent for Haj every year through the Central Haj Committee and the cost for them was less than Rs 2.9 lakh, including the cost of Qurbani and out of this amount, 2100 Saudi Riyal which is Rs 45,000 and one more VIP bag is given to the pilgrim. But since 2023, the Central Haj Committee has reduced the quota of Haj pilgrims to 1.5 lakh and the Haj Committee has increased the fee to Rs 3.7 lakh, excluding the amount for Qurbani.

Those going through Nagpur and Aurangabad have to pay Rs 70,000-Rs 80,000 more than the cost of Haj from Mumbai. This increased cost is unfair and hurts the general public of the Muslim community.

When discussing this with the officials of the Central Haj Committee, it was said that this committee does not have the authority but the ministry has the authority. It is the feeling of the Muslim community that once in a lifetime Haj is done, life becomes worthwhile. Considering their sentiments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested to resume the previous quota and previous fees. Common Haj pilgrims are being looted by private companies as the central government has reduced the Haj quota. Naseem Khan also said that air fares are being charged high, there is a big racket behind this and the pilgrims are being cheated.


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