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Rahul Gandhi Confirmed to Contest 2024 Lok Sabha Elections from Amethi, Says New UP Congress Chief

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The newly appointed head of Congress for Uttar Pradesh, Ajay Rai, confirmed on Friday that Rahul Gandhi is gearing up to participate in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from the Amethi constituency.

Responding to queries from journalists regarding Gandhi’s potential run in the former Congress stronghold of UP, Rai asserted, “There is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi will be contesting the upcoming election from Amethi. The people of Amethi are enthusiastic about this prospect.”

When asked about the possibility of Priyanka Gandhi running in Varanasi, Rai commented, “If Priyanka Gandhi expresses her interest in contesting from Varanasi, every member of our party will exert maximum effort to ensure her victory.”

Regarding BJP’s Smriti Irani’s statement about Rahul Gandhi avoiding the challenge of contesting elections in Amethi, Ajay Rai dismissed the claim and referred to Smriti Irani as “disturbed.”

“It’s clear that she is agitated. Remember, she promised sugar at ₹13 per kg, but has she delivered on that promise? The people of Amethi are here today seeking answers. Ask Smriti Irani what happened to her commitment of providing sugar at ₹13 per kg in exchange for votes for the BJP. The public is demanding accountability,” Ajay Rai announced during his press interaction.

The Congress party announced on Thursday the immediate appointment of Ajay Rai, a former MLA, as the President of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee.

In an official statement, the party expressed its gratitude for the efforts of the outgoing PCC President Brijlal Khabri, a former MP, as well as all the zonal Presidents.

Ajay Rai had contested the Varanasi seat against PM Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Despite facing a significant defeat to PM Modi by a considerable margin, Rai managed to secure only 14 percent of the total votes.

It’s worth noting that Brijlal Khabri will hold the record for the shortest tenure as UPCC President, having served for only 10 months.


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