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‘Nitish Kumar Has Sunk His Own Party, Won’t Get Even 5 Seats’: Prashant Kishor Lashes Out At Bihar CM

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Addressing a press conference on Thursday (August 17) in Samastipur city of Bihar, Jan Suraaj convenor Prashant Kishor, under his Jan Suraaj Movement (a public outreach campaign), lashed out at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and among other things said that he does not take “Nitish Kumar’s political tours and trips,” especially the ones outside the state very seriously. Talking to the press and replying to a question on Nitish Kumar and JDU’s futue, Kishor said , “You must have seen my tweet in Bengal. I had said that BJP will not get 100 seats, you all are aware of the result now. Even five seats would not come in favour of Nitish Kumar’s JDU, and I can give this in writing.”

“JDU has no existence left on the ground. If there is no strong organization, no leader, no image then who will vote for JDU? I cannot tell you about the other parties now, as the elections are not close,” Kishor further said in his scathing comments on his one time associate and former party Nitish Kumar and Janata Dal (United).

Talking to reporters in Samastipur city, Prashant Kishor asserted that JDU has “no future.”

“The JDU is merely surviving, its existence is diminishing day by day, this is not because there is a fault in that party but because JDU leader Nitish Kumar has himself destroyed his party’s image. He does not need JDU anymore. All he wants is the Chief Minister’s post and hardly focuses on the party,” Kishor said, implying and claiming that Nitish Kumar was no longer interested in JDU’s growth.

“The supporters and workers of JDU, who are working on the grassroot level are indeed good leaders. The grassroots leaders and workers of JDU are those who had joined the party when an alternative was being looked for during Lalu Prasad Yadav’s peak in Bihar. However, in the present era, they are either inactive or have been forced to become so. If anyone is responsible for this, it is Nitish Kumar himself. He is turning back and forth everyday, what’s the guarantee that he will not turn back again. It has become tough for the public to trust him,” said Prashant Kishor in his tirade against CM Nitish.


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