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Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann deplaned in Frankfurt for being drunk? AAP rejects claims


Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister, has returned from an eight-day trip to Germany. He was in Germany to seek investment in Punjab. But the majority of his journey was still clouded in controversy.

After the Indian branch of BMW denied having any plans to open a branch in Punjab, rumours regarding the Punjab chief minister’s delayed return are rife, making him miss the Aam Aadmi Party’s first-ever conclave in Delhi.

His party refuted claims made by his political rivals that Mann was forced from the plane on Saturday night at the Frankfurt airport because he was intoxicated.

“The dirty tricks department of our political opponents are spreading these canards, to defame our CM. They cannot digest that CM Mann is working hard to get investment in Punjab. The CM is returning as per schedule. He was to land here on Sunday night and he has already landed in Delhi,” said party Chief Spokesperson Malwinder Singh Kang.

However, an Indian co-passenger on the same flight, who did not wish to be named, alleged in a communication with indianarrative.com that, “the Chief Minister was not steady on his feet as he had imbibed excessive alcohol and had to be supported by his wife and security personnel accompanying him.”

The passenger said the departure of the flight was delayed by over 4 hours as the luggage of the CM’s entourage which was loaded on the plane had to be taken off. Punjab government officials tried to prevail upon the Lufthansa flight crew not to deplane Mann as he had to attend many important meetings fixed on the next day but they refused to compromise on their flight safety rules, he added.

It’s interesting to note that state government representatives have been asserting that the CM’s inability to join the flight from Germany to the United States was due to an urgent medical issue.

Mann had gone to Germany on September 11 and was to return on September 18.


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