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Prominent TV Journalist Sanket Upadhyay Bids Farewell to NDTV

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Sanket Upadhyay, a well-known figure in the realm of television journalism, has recently concluded his extensive tenure with NDTV, where he served as a consulting editor for approximately four and a half years. While the specific details surrounding the reasons for Upadhyay’s resignation and his next career move remain undisclosed, his departure undeniably signifies the end of an era within the influential media organization.

Upadhyay chose to share his professional transition with his followers through a post on his social media account on an undisclosed date. In his announcement, he reflected on his forthcoming departure from NDTV, conveying, “My exciting second stint in NDTV will soon come to an end. This one is special.”

He further added, “I shall have a new professional address. Soon,” leaving followers and the media community curious about his upcoming endeavors. Expressing his gratitude, Upadhyay also took the opportunity to thank his dedicated viewers for their unwavering support, constructive criticism, and affection throughout his tenure at NDTV.

Sanket Upadhyay’s presence in the field of journalism has been influential, and his career transition is bound to be followed with keen interest by both his admirers and the industry at large.


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