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Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to Shirdi Sparks Protests as Locals Return Empty Buses

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Maharashtra has garnered attention, as he announced his intent to address a public rally in Kakadi village in Shirdi, with plans to pray at the Shri Saibaba Samadhi Temple before participating in the event. Additionally, the Prime Minister will inaugurate various development projects in Ahmednagar during his visit.

Preparations for the public rally have reached their final stages, with a noticeable heavy deployment of security personnel to ensure safety during the visit. However, the visit has not been without controversy, as locals are voicing their protests against the Prime Minister’s presence in the region. Reports indicate that some residents have taken a unique form of protest by returning empty buses sent to transport people to the rally. A video circulating on social media captures the sight of these empty buses being sent back by protestors.

The protesters, affiliated with the Sakal Marathi Kranti Morcha, are expressing their disapproval of Prime Minister Modi’s visit and are boycotting the rally. Their primary grievance centers around the issue of Maratha reservation. Out of approximately one thousand buses deployed in the state to ferry attendees to the rally, many have been returned empty by the demonstrators.

In a social media post, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his itinerary for the visit, stating, “Will be in Shirdi, Maharashtra. After praying at the Shri Saibaba Samadhi Temple, I will take part in a public meeting, where development works worth over Rs. 7500 crores would either be inaugurated or their foundation stones would be laid. These works are from key sectors like health, rail, road, oil, and gas. I will have the honor of taking part in the Jal Pujan of Nilwande Dam as well.”

The Prime Minister is scheduled to arrive in Shirdi at approximately 1 PM, where he will perform Puja at the Shri Saibaba Samadhi Temple. Subsequently, at 2 PM, he will conduct the Jalpuja of Nilavande Dam and inaugurate the dam for the public. At 3:15 PM, PM Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for various development projects before departing for Goa at 6:30 PM. Despite the protests, the visit continues as planned, with the Prime Minister engaging in both official and religious activities during his time in Maharashtra.


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