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NCP Crisis: Sharad Pawar’s Veiled Jibe at Nephew Ajit Pawar, Apology to People, and Challenge to PM Modi

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Amid the ongoing NCP crisis, Sharad Pawar, while addressing a public gathering in Nashik, Maharashtra, indirectly aimed his comments at his nephew Ajit Pawar, emphasizing the importance of being cautious about whom to trust.

Ajit Pawar’s controversial decision to align with the ruling BJP and assume the role of Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has triggered internal turbulence within the Nationalist Congress Party.

In a veiled attack against his nephew, the NCP founder stated, “I made an error in trusting certain individuals. I won’t repeat that mistake,” during his speech in Yeola, Nashik.

Furthermore, he responded with a hint of derision to Ajit Pawar’s suggestion of retirement from politics, saying, “What does age have to do with it? I am neither tired nor retired. Do you know at what age Morarji Desai became Prime Minister? Many leaders today are over 70 years old. I have no aspirations to become the Prime Minister; my sole focus is working for the people.”

Regarding Praful Patel’s allegations about Supriya Sule’s influence, Pawar clarified that it was the party workers’ desire for Supriya to enter politics. He highlighted Patel’s own positions of authority within the party, mentioning his ten-year tenure as a Union Minister despite losing a Lok Sabha election and being offered a Rajya Sabha seat twice.

Pawar clarified that political dialogues with the BJP do not indicate an alliance with them. He expressed his belief that no one should be considered an enemy in politics, acknowledging the existence of ideological differences.

During a public rally in Yeola, Pawar took the opportunity to apologize to the people, stating, “I am here not to criticize anyone, but to apologize to you. I apologize because my calculations went wrong here. Normally, my calculations are accurate, but they failed here, and thus I apologize to you.” This apology referred to Chhagan Bhujbal, who had been elected as the MLA from the constituency for the past four terms but had chosen to leave the party.

Pawar also criticized Prime Minister Modi during the rally, challenging him to thoroughly investigate any corruption allegations against NCP members. He expressed his readiness to support any inquiry conducted by the Prime Minister, utilizing the full strength of all agencies to punish any wrongdoers.


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