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Nana Patole Calls for Clarity as Government Ministers’ Discord on Reservation Issue Unfolds

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A series of contradictory statements by ministers in the government have given rise to a contentious debate over reservation policies in India. This discord has left many questioning the government’s stance on the issue, prompting Nana Patole, the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President, to demand a clear clarification from the BJP and Shinde governments. Patole asserts that there is no unanimity within the government, and the conflicting statements are causing social instability in the state.

In a press conference held at Tilak Bhavan, Nana Patole accused the BJP of attempting to create a division between the Maratha and OBC communities, diverting attention from pressing issues like inflation, unemployment, drought, farmer suicides, and drug trafficking. Patole emphasized that during an all-party meeting, there was a consensus to provide reservation to the Maratha community without affecting the OBC reservation, but it appears that this agreement is not being upheld.

The controversy escalated as Nana Patole alleged that the BJP’s intention is to eliminate reservations entirely, framing it as a ploy to categorize the economically disadvantaged as per their caste, effectively enslaving them. He cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that the poor are considered a caste as evidence of this intent. Patole further suggested that the BJP is behind the individuals who filed petitions in court against reservation policies.

The Congress party’s stance, as outlined by Patole, is to advocate for reservations for backward castes. Patole proposed a way to resolve the ongoing debate on reservation, emphasizing the need for a caste-wise census and the removal of the 50 percent reservation limit. This solution has been supported by Rahul Gandhi. However, Patole criticized the BJP government at the center for not taking action in this regard, claiming that they are fundamentally anti-reservation.

Addressing recent incidents of arson in Beed, Nana Patole expressed concern about the deteriorating law and order situation in the state. He insinuated that these acts of arson might have political motivations and suggested that the government could be involved.

On the topic of Kunbi certificates, Patole accused the government of deceiving the Maratha community. He explained that caste certificates should only be issued with proper proof of a family tree, and the current government’s actions constitute a temporary solution, not a permanent one.

Former Minister and Working President Naseem Khan also participated in the press conference. The conflicting statements by ministers have certainly ignited a heated debate surrounding reservation policies in India, leaving many questioning the government’s intentions and the path forward.


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