“My mother is dying, then we went and sat on Marine Drive”: When Shah Rukh Khan said to Vivek Vaswani

The emotional exchange, etched in Vaswani's memory, dates back to around 1990, when Shah Rukh Khan visited him in Mumbai and divulged the distressing news


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Renowned Bollywood actor-filmmaker Vivek Vaswani recently reminisced about a poignant moment shared with his longtime friend, megastar Shah Rukh Khan, revealing the heart-wrenching conversation where SRK confided in him about his mother’s critical condition.

The emotional exchange, etched in Vaswani’s memory, dates back to around 1990, when Shah Rukh Khan visited him in Mumbai and divulged the distressing news about his mother’s failing health. Recounting the conversation, Vaswani shared how SRK opened up about his mother’s deteriorating health, expressing the gravity of the situation as they sat together on Marine Drive.

“He said to my face, ‘My mother is dying’. He poured his heart out. Then we went and sat on Marine Drive. He told me about his mother, the organ failure,” Vivek recalled.

Moved by the depth of their friendship, Vaswani went above and beyond to assist SRK during this trying time, procuring expensive medicines for his ailing mother in Mumbai and arranging for their delivery to Delhi through a pilot friend. Despite their efforts, Shah Rukh’s mother eventually succumbed to her illness, leaving a profound impact on both her son and those close to him.

“But she died,” Vivek said.

Vaswani revealed that Shah Rukh Khan’s mother’s demise marked a pivotal moment in the actor’s career trajectory. He disclosed how, following the tragic loss, SRK expressed his desire to pursue a career in films, a departure from his initial inclination towards television. According to Vaswani, Shah Rukh was motivated by his mother’s aspiration for him to achieve superstardom in the world of cinema.

“I said, ‘But tumko film karni hi nahi thi bas TV karna tha’. But he said that he wanted to do a film now because his mother wanted him to be a superstar,” Vivek recalled.

Reflecting on Shah Rukh Khan’s bond with his late mother, Vaswani echoed sentiments previously shared by the actor in various interviews. Shah Rukh has often spoken fondly of his mother’s unwavering support for his dreams of stardom, recounting how she fervently wished for his success in the film industry.

In poignant moments of vulnerability, Shah Rukh has candidly revealed the depth of his devotion to his mother during her battle with illness. He once disclosed how he prayed fervently for her recovery, resorting to unconventional methods, including voicing his grievances to her bedside, in a bid to keep her spirits alive.

The enduring bond between Shah Rukh Khan and his late mother serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact familial love and support can have on one’s journey towards fulfilling their dreams. As Shah Rukh continues to cherish his mother’s memory, her legacy remains an integral part of his inspirational narrative, fueling his relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of cinema.

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