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Mumbai Weather Expert Predicts ‘Consistent Moderate’ Rains In City Between June 25-27

Twitter: @the_news_21

A Mumbai weather expert on social media has predicted “consistent moderate” rains in the city between June 25 to 27. The city witnessed short spells of rain and thundershowers this week due to cyclone Biparjoy which brought some relief to the people after a long spell of hot and humid weather.

“Anywhere between 25th to 27 June first consistent moderate #MumbaiRains is expected. LPA coming from the eastern side of India usual monsoon phenomenon,” a Twitter used named Weatherman of Mumbai posted.

He also explained why the monsoons were delayed in some parts of the country this month.

“June has been a bad month for monsoons in india. Yet! It was expected & el nino is playing up. I had interpreted that onset of monsson over mumbai will be delayed. My expectation that is Mumbai monsoon will only set in by around 24th. First major #mumbairains around 25th June,” he wrote.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on the other hand, has predicted the monsoon to arrive in the city much earlier. The Met department claims monsoon will be here between June 18-21.

Mumbai and parts of Maharashtra reported light showers on June 15. The rains come after the city earlier this week recorded the season’s highest temperature – 39.4 degrees Celsius – so far, and at a time when the state has been witnessing a spike in influenza cases and viral infections.

“Most of central Maharashtra reported thunder and rain. Raigad also reported light rain,” the IMD said.



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