Modi Slams INDIA bloc’s ‘One-Year PM Formula’, Says ‘One Will Sit in Chair, Four Will Wait for Their Turn’

Rejecting Congress' stance that it was Pitroda's personal opinion, Modi cited a 2011 Planning Commission meeting where "a Congress minister spoke in favour of this tax".


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the opposition INDIA bloc, claiming they are mulling a “one-year prime minister formula” as they could not reach a consensus on a single PM candidate, citing media reports.

Addressing a public meeting in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul, Modi questioned who the opposition’s prime ministerial face is. “The country should know who is their PM face. On our side, you have Modi in front of you, with a track record of 10 years. The opposition looked for a PM face but could not find one,” he said.

Modi alleged, “Now some media reports said they are discussing a one-year-one PM formula, which means five prime ministers in five years. What will happen to the country? This means they are now auctioning the PM’s chair. One person will sit in the chair, and four others will wait for his term to end.”

Slamming the “scary proposal”, the PM warned it would “destroy the country” and “shatter all your dreams”. “This sounds like Mungerilal ke haseen sapne (daydreaming) but this is not ‘haseen’. This is a very scary proposal which will destroy the country,” he added.

With the second phase of voting on April 26, the battle has intensified, with Modi claiming Congress said in its manifesto that it would “snatch” wealth and redistribute it – a claim dismissed by the opposition party.

Modi also accused Congress of wanting to “steal” quotas from SC/ST/OBCs to give to its “favourite vote bank”. Referring to the “wealth distribution” issue, he stated, “If someone has more than one car, motorcycle or house, Congress will take the extra one through law to distribute among its ‘khaas’ log.”

The PM further targeted Congress over the recent controversy around advisor Sam Pitroda’s remarks on inheritance tax. “A Congress leader who is also the advisor of the shahzade (Rahul Gandhi) said inheritance tax should be introduced in India. This means Congress would snatch half of the property of your grandparents and parents. Will you allow that?” Modi questioned.

Rejecting Congress’ stance that it was Pitroda’s personal opinion, Modi cited a 2011 Planning Commission meeting where “a Congress minister spoke in favour of this tax”.

The remarks have reignited the debate around economic policies as the election battle intensifies.

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