MNS and BMC spar with each other over holding medical camps in congested Khar Danda

MNS leader claims need of medical camp in ward 99 , BMC risking lives of thousands living in slum of Khar Danda

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Saturday sparred with each other over the need for holding more medical camps in slum dominated congested area of Khar Danda area.

MNS leader Tushar Aphale from Khar Danda wrote to BMC Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal requesting him to visit Khar Danda and urged him to consider the need for holding more medical camps.

However the Ward officer Vinayak Vispute while defending the BMC remarked, “there are regular medical camps being conducted by BMC”. However,  when asked about  the total number of medical check-ups conducted by the BMC, Vispute fumbled,” I cannot recollect the total number of medical camps held. It is difficult for him to record of it”.

Last week the congested belt of Khar Danda that includes parts of Khar Koliwada, slum areas of Gazdarbandh and Chuim village was sealed. Although the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started health check-ups, looking at the size of the population local Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leaders feels that the drive should be more aggressive. 

According to the BMC data till May 21, H-West ward which includes Bandra and Khar Danda has total number of cases 419 and 39 total deaths. Khar Danda is in Ward 99 and out of the first day 30 COVID-19 patients that were found by now many have been cured and sent back home. At the same time 60 people are quarantined from this ward. 

Chintaman Niwate a resident from Khar Danda said, “BMC is holding medical camps here. Also the local doctors have been asked to keep open their dispensaries by the civic authorities. The fear is more of infection as it is a congested slum area. ” 

The population of this ward is approximately 65,000 and there are 10,900-odd houses in Khar Danda, according to the BMC.

Tushar Aphale local MNS leader on Saturday wrote to BMC Municipal Commissioner, Iqbal Singh Chahal urging him to hold medical camps in the ward number 99 Khar Danda. 

“The BMC had sealed this area only for seven days, however number of patients increased and thus the containment zone is further continued for seven days There is a urgency in this containment zone for mass scale medical camps as this is very congested part of ward. At present the cases have gone down but since it is congested area if not monitored regularly the cases may spike again, “said Tushar. 

He further alleged that the BMC has not held any medical camp in Khar Danda thus has requested the MC Chahal to personally visit here and start holding medical camps with the support of Mahila Bachat Gats. 

About 30 Covid-19 cases have been detected there since the outbreak. The locality has several entry-exit points and despite the lockdown, free movement of people at these points was observed. Now, only one entry-exit is open, with police deployment, and movement is being monitored. About 59 buildings in the area have been sealed. 

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