Migrant workers misery: ‘Police started hitting me and said leave this place; I don’t know what to do’, says Shankar

Thane: Migrant workers in Mumbai are leaving the city as they say they do not have money to buy food and the government is not taking care of them. Waves of migrant workers gathered at Majiwada Bridge in Thane ready to go to their native places. 

But all of them were confused as they do not know from where the bus or truck will leave. They are complaining about the harassment they are facing from the police, while some do not have food and water to drink.

“I was sitting and police started hitting me and said to leave this place, I do not know what to do next and where to go”, said Shankar one of the migrant workers.

Just one hoax call and all the people gathered at one place to travel to their native place. “I have come from Bandra till Thane and now I have no money left for food, somebody told me that bus leaves from here. I have even filled a form of the train but when I went to ask them about the train they hit me and said go when the train will come we will let you know,” said one of the migrants from the crowd.

Till now lakhs of migrants have left Mumbai in the hope that they will anyhow survive in their villages.

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