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Marathwada Faces Severe Drought, Rabi Crop Sowings Impacted: State Cabinet Informed

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During its weekly meeting under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s leadership, the state cabinet was informed about the alarming drought situation in the Marathwada region, marking it as the worst-hit area in Maharashtra. A senior official from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) highlighted the dire circumstances, citing minimal rainfall and critically low water levels in reservoirs compared to other regions in the state.

As of October 31, the state has received 86 percent of its average rainfall, amounting to 928.8 mm. However, the sowing of Rabi crops, anticipated to cover over 58.76 lakh hectares, has faced significant setbacks, with only 28 percent of the planned sowings completed. The CMO official underscored that Marathwada’s reservoirs reflect the most alarming situation, with water levels plummeting to approximately 40 percent of their total capacity.

The inadequate moisture in the land has severely impacted Rabi sowings, exacerbating the agricultural challenges in the region. The cabinet was briefed about the adverse effects of the water scarcity on crop cultivation, signaling potential ramifications for the agricultural sector and the livelihoods of farmers in Marathwada.

The pressing issue of drought in Marathwada demands immediate attention and intervention from the state government to address the distress faced by farmers and mitigate the looming agricultural crisis.


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