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Luxurious life of Maulana Saad, owns plush farmhouse in Shamli

Spread over 24 bighas, protected by high wall and an electrified fence and secured by ferocious dogs – this is the sprawling farmhouse owned by Tablighi Jamaat chief Mohammad Saad in Kandhla in Shamli district.

The farmhouse, that is now firmly locked, is said to be fitted with all luxuries.

It has a swimming pool, meeting rooms, guest houses and over a dozen luxury cars and an army of servants, gardeners and cleaners.

“The farmhouse has a large number of fruit trees and is tastefully landscaped,” said a source who had visited the farmhouse once.

The farmhouse is a part of the ancestral property that Mohammad Saad has inherited from his ancestors.

Located on the banks of a canal near the Malakpur village, the farmhouse has a built-up area of 300 yards with half a dozen rooms and verandahs on all sides.

A Power Corporation official said that the farmhouse has a power connection of 10 KW in the name of Mohammad Saad’s son Yusuf and also a tube well.

“The farmhouse has motorable roads, manicured lawns and plush interiors,” said a former employee.

The farmhouse has remained completely locked since the Tablighi Jamaat controversy broke out last month and no one is now allowed to enter the property.-IANS News


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