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Ludhiana Police Crack Rs 8.49 Crore Heist, This Instagram Reel Helped Cops Nab Accused

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In a major breakthrough, Ludhiana Police, supported by counter intelligence, solved the sensational Rs. 8.49 crore cash van robbery case in less than 60 hours. Out of the 10 accused who were involved in planning, five main were arrested and major recovery effected, said DGP Punjab Gaurav Yadav in his tweet. He also added that investigation is underway in the case. However, what is intriguing is that reports claims that a vital clue for solving the Ludhiana cash heist was found on Instagram as a reel was uploaded showing “cash.” It is said that the person flaunting cash in the video is brother of the alleged mastermind behind the robbery and it is the bundle of Rs 500 notes shown in the reel that helped solve the case.

“Ludhiana Police’s alongwith Counter Intelligence Wing’s efficient and meticulous investigation has resulted in the successful resolution of a sensational robbery case. The incident involved a staggering sum of Rs. 8 crores stolen from the CMS Company in Rajguru Nagar,” said a Ludhiana Police tweet.

“Ludhiana Police accomplished this feat within an remarkable 60-hour time-frame, arresting five individuals directly involved in the crime. Furthermore, the officers not only made arrests but also managed to recover a substantial amount of Rs.5 crores in cash and 3 firearms,” Ludhiana police said further. Director General of Police, Punjab has announced a cash reward of Rs. 10 Lakhs to the team.


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