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Lavish Rs 144 Crore Wedding and Shady Celebrity Deals Exposed! Mahadev App Scandal Takes Shocking Turn

In a surprising development, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has submitted an extensive 8,887-page chargesheet in the Mahadev app betting case, unveiling startling details about the extravagant wedding of Mahadev app kingpin, Saurabh Chandrakar. The chargesheet, filed before a special PMLA court in Raipur, names 14 accused individuals and has raised eyebrows with its intriguing revelations.

According to the document, Chandrakar’s wedding in February 2023 was orchestrated by event organizer Yogesh Popat, marking his second assignment for the Mahadev app owner. The wedding’s total budget amounted to a staggering ₹144 crore.

What’s more shocking is the alleged attempt to evade GST taxes on this lavish affair. Chandrakar reportedly opted to settle all wedding-related expenses in cash, assigned to his close associate Vikas Chhaparia, also known as Chiku. Chhaparia is purported to be the custodian of Mahadev app’s hawala funds, which he invests in the Indian stock market and real estate transactions on behalf of Chandrakar.

The chargesheet further discloses that Popat received a jaw-dropping ₹106 crore in cash on three separate occasions, with payments made both in Dubai and India through hawala channels, all managed by Vikas Chhaparia@Chiku.

Additionally, the investigation revealed a canceled gala dinner event at the World Trade Centre in Dubai in September 2023, meant to be attended by celebrities, due to Chandrakar’s detention by Sri Lankan authorities.

In a startling twist, the chargesheet also uncovered the attempted manipulation of celebrities for the Mahadev app success party in September 2022. Celebrities were reportedly misled into attending, and the names of Devang Shah and Karan Ramani emerged in this web of intrigue.

Abhijit Chaudhary, a business event and artist coordination specialist, divulged that he was asked to coordinate celebrities for the Mahadev app success party. However, when the celebrities refused to perform or appear at the event, the two individuals approached him with a different strategy involving cash payments and a Dubai-based company’s name.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the Mahadev app scandal, raising further questions about the operations and connections of the Mahadev app and its kingpin, Saurabh Chandrakar.



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