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Kashmir’s Changing Landscape: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Emphasizes Peace and Tourism Development in Kupwara

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In a momentous event in the picturesque Bungus Valley of Kupwara district in north Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha highlighted the transformation occurring in the region, emphasizing the pivotal role of peace and tourism development. Speaking at the inauguration of the Bungus Tourism and Adventure festival, LG Sinha acknowledged the devastating impact of terrorism on Kashmir over the past three decades but also expressed optimism about the changing scenario on the ground.

LG Sinha underlined the significance of peace as a prerequisite for development in any region and assured that the current administration was diligently working to establish sustainable peace, which would lay the foundation for comprehensive progress.

“Peace is essential for the growth of any region, and our government is taking substantial measures to ensure lasting peace, which in turn will pave the way for holistic development,” remarked LG Sinha.

Addressing the gathering, LG Sinha shared the administration’s ambitious vision of making Jammu and Kashmir a global tourism destination. He also stressed the shared responsibility of the local community and elected representatives in maintaining this newfound peace for the benefit of all.

While reflecting on the impact of terrorism on the region, LG Sinha noted, “Terrorism has tarnished the reputation of Jammu and Kashmir, but with the flourishing tourism sector, things are improving.” He cited the recent successful G20 meeting held in Srinagar as a catalyst in attracting more tourists from across the country and around the world.

LG Sinha went on to reveal that an astounding 2.25 crore tourists were expected to visit Jammu and Kashmir this year, a significant increase compared to the previous year’s 1.88 lakh visitors. He attributed this growth to the positive experiences of tourists who, upon visiting Kashmir, become ambassadors of the region and encourage others to explore its beauty.

Highlighting the importance of the private sector in the tourism industry, LG Sinha emphasized the potential for locals to participate actively. He encouraged them to register their homes for home stays, which could provide a sustainable source of livelihood. Furthermore, he noted that the youth in and around Bangus could benefit from the increasing number of tourists, opening up new avenues for employment and economic growth.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha’s words echoed hope and optimism for the future of Kashmir. His commitment to peace and tourism development in the region underscores a transformative vision that seeks to not only overcome the shadows of the past but also usher in a new era of prosperity and progress.

Aadil Akbar
Aadil Akbar
Special Correspondent (Jammu and Kashmir) - The author is a young journalist working in the field since the past 6 years. He has covered politics and human interest stories including war-like situation the Kashmir valley.


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