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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Stands for Personal Choice: No Ban on Hijab in State Educational Institutions

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In a significant declaration addressing a contentious issue, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah asserted that there would be no ban on wearing the hijab in the state’s educational institutions. Emphasizing the importance of personal choice in attire, he highlighted that a directive had been issued to officials, with a government order soon to follow.

“The right to choose what to wear or eat is a personal one,” Siddaramaiah affirmed, underscoring the individual’s autonomy in matters of dress and diet. He further exemplified this by stating, “I wear Dhoti, and you wear a shirt with pants. What’s wrong with that?”

The hijab controversy initially flared up in January of the previous year when six students from the Government Pre-University College in Udupi alleged that the institution barred them from entry while wearing the hijab. This led to protests by Muslim girls outside the college premises.

In response, a counter-protest emerged as several Hindu students began attending classes adorned in saffron shawls across various educational institutions, deepening the rift over attire in academic settings.

Last year on March 15, the Karnataka High Court ruled that wearing the hijab wasn’t obligatory in Islam and upheld the executive order against it. Subsequently, the students took the matter to the Supreme Court, which delivered a split verdict. The issue is slated for further deliberation by a larger bench.

Siddaramaiah’s stance seeks to address the fundamental right of individuals to express themselves through attire without facing restrictions from educational institutions. This move is expected to mitigate the tensions and divisions that arose from the controversy, promoting inclusivity and respecting diverse personal choices within Karnataka’s educational landscape.

The forthcoming government order aligning with the Chief Minister’s statement is anticipated to provide clarity and assurance to students, reinforcing the principle of personal freedom and fostering an environment of tolerance and acceptance within educational institutions across the state.

As the legal proceedings progress in the higher courts, Siddaramaiah’s commitment to upholding individual choice sets a significant precedent in upholding personal freedoms and diversity within Karnataka’s educational institutions.

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