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‘It is wrong and painful’: Congress veteran AK Antony on son Anil joining the BJP

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Former Defence Minister AK Antony on Thursday slammed his son’s decision to switch loyalties to the Bharatiye Janata Party (BJP) after Anil Antony joined the Congress-rival group.

“I have always taught my son to work for the country and not for a family. But he has chosen a different path.

“He has joined a party that is trying to divide the country on communal lines and destroy the secular fabric of our nation. I cannot accept this decision. It is wrong and painful,” the Congress veteran told the media.

Anil Antony joined the BJP after quitting the Congress. Antony, who headed the Digital Media cell of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, slammed the Congress leadership for working for a “single family” instead of working for the country.

He had quit the Congress after criticising the party’s stand on the controversial documentary film of the BBC on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

But AK Antony is in no mood to accept his son’s decision and vowed to retire at the Congress party.

“I have been a loyal soldier of the Congress party for over five decades. I have served the country as a Chief Minister, a Defence Minister and a Rajya Sabha member.

“I have always upheld the values of democracy, secularism and social justice. I will never compromise on these principles. I will stand against the BJP’s ideology till my last breath,” the former Kerala CM added.

Meanwhile, Anil said that his respect for his father will remain the same after joining the saffron party.

“This is not about personalities, this is about difference of opinion and ideas. I strongly believe that I have taken the right step.

“My respect for my father will remain the same,” Antony said when asked whether he had consulted his father before joining the BJP.


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