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IRCTC Penalizes Train Food Provider After Passenger’s Overpricing Complaint

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The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) swiftly took action against a train food provider following a passenger’s complaint about overpricing, which gained traction on social media.

The passenger reported the incident, stating that the bill for a veg thali was initially presented as ₹150, comprising ₹80 for the thali and ₹70 for paneer sabji, despite only ordering the thali. Despite the request for an accurate bill, the staff allegedly insisted on the inflated pricing structure for an hour.

Subsequently, an official intervened, acknowledging the inability to provide the correct bill and settled for ₹80 solely for the veg thali after an extended discussion.

Expressing dissatisfaction, the passenger raised concerns about the staff misleading customers by inflating prices and adding unnecessary items to bills, urging Indian Railways to address such practices that tarnish its reputation.

Responding promptly, IRCTC, the central public sector enterprise overseeing ticketing, catering, and tourism services for Indian Railways, took immediate action. They announced imposing a substantial penalty on the service provider and deboarding the licensee staff responsible for overcharging.

The incident sparked discussions among users, highlighting the necessity for a more comprehensive approach to prevent such occurrences in the future and maintain transparency in railway services.

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