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‘Investigating In A Girl Child…:’ Congress Takes Jibe At PM Modi’s Slip Of Tongue During Historic Speech

Twitter: @the_news_21

In a humorous scene during PM Modi’s address to the US Congress, the Indian prime minister made a faux pas by switching the word ‘Investing’ with ‘Investigating’. During his speech, PM Modi said, “I believe that investigating in a girl child lifts up entire family,” instead he was supposed to say “Investing in a girl child lifts up entire family.” Modi was seen trying to read out his speech from a teleprompter.

Congress Sevadal, grassroots frontal organisation of Indian National Congress took it to their Twitter and took a jibe at PM Modi’s slip of tongue and shared the video with a humourous caption. Higlighting PM Modi’s earlier blunders during his speech, Congress Sevadal captioned the post as, “After reading Mrs. from teleprompter MRS and explaining extra 2ab in a plus b whole square formula, here comes ‘INVESTIGATING’ in a girl child..!”


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