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TCS Sacks Four Executives After 100 Crore Bribes-For-Jobs Scam Unearthed

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the leading IT services company in India, has faced scrutiny following the scam involving bribe-for-jobs was uncovered, where few senior executives entrusted hiring crucial personnel had accepted bribes from staffing firms, resulting in a compromise of the recruitment process, as per the Mint report.

Following the uncovering of this scam, TCS, a subsidiary of the Tata group, swiftly responded by taking decisive measures. The company sacked four officials from its Resource Management Group (RMG) and banned three staffing firms involved in the illicit activities.

The whole issue was uncovered when a whistleblower wrote to TCS’s chief executive officer and chief operating officer alleged that E.S. Chakravarthy, the global head of TCS’s resource management group (RMG), has been accepting bribes from staffing firms for years in hiring candidates.

Following this complaint, the company made a team of three executives to probe the allegations, including the firms’ chief information security officer, Ajit Menon.

After investigation, the company sent the head of the recruitment on leave, sacked four executives of RMG and blacklisted three staffing firms.

As per the mint report, one of the two executives said that the people involved in the scam may have earned at least Rs 100 crore through commissions.


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