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India Resumes Visa Services for Canadian Citizens

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In a significant diplomatic development, India has decided to reinstate visa services for specific categories of Canadian citizens, including Entry Visa, Business Visa, Medical Visa, and Conference Visa. This decision comes in the wake of a recent suspension of visa services to Canadians, which was initiated amid escalating diplomatic tensions between India and Canada.

The Indian High Commission of India in Canada, in an official notification released on Wednesday, announced, “After a considered review of the security situation, taking into account some recent Canadian measures in this regard, it has been decided to resume visa services.”

The reinstatement of visa services will be effective starting Thursday, October 26, providing a sigh of relief to Canadians seeking to visit or do business in India.

The suspension of visa issuance to Canadians was initially put in place by India in September due to concerns about the safety of its diplomats while carrying out their official duties. The decision came shortly after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a grave assertion, claiming “credible” allegations of potential involvement of Indian government agents in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Trudeau alleged that Canada’s national security officials had compelling grounds to suspect that the murder was carried out by “agents of the Indian government.” In response to these allegations, India swiftly labeled them as “absurd” and “politically motivated.”

This latest move to resume visa services suggests a possible thaw in the strained relations between the two nations and reflects India’s commitment to improving diplomatic ties with Canada. It is hoped that this gesture will contribute to rebuilding trust and enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.


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