Income Tax Raids Uncover Financial Manipulations: Luxury Cars Worth Rs 50 Crore and Cash Seized at Banshidhar Tobacco Company

The Income Tax department raided K Mishra's residences in Kanpur and Delhi to further investigate the matter.


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The Income Tax (IT) Department recently conducted raids at various locations of Banshidhar Tobacco Company, unearthing financial manipulations that extend beyond state borders and even overseas.

The raids, conducted at 20 locations including Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Gujarat, revealed that the company had officially declared a turnover significantly lower than its actual figures, indicating a substantial disparity.

Luxury Cars Worth Crores Seized

During the raid, a fleet of luxury cars valued at Rs 50 crore was found, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth Rs 16 crore, along with other high-end brands like McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and additional Rolls-Royce vehicles. These cars were discovered at the residence of Shivam Mishra, son of the owner of Banshidhar Tobacco Company.

In addition to the luxury cars, the Income Tax department also seized Rs 4.5 crore in cash and other pertinent documents during the investigation.

Allegations of Counterfeit Cheques and Shady Business Deals

Reports suggest that the tobacco company was allegedly issuing counterfeit cheques to a company listed in its accounts while supplying products to prominent pan masala manufacturers on the side. K Mishra, also known as Munna Mishra, is identified as the proprietor of the tobacco enterprise.

The Income Tax department raided K Mishra’s residences in Kanpur and Delhi to further investigate the matter. The focus of the investigation revolves around determining whether the company was engaging in illicit practices by purportedly paying one company while actually selling products to others. The entire situation is currently under scrutiny for potential financial wrongdoing.

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