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Important for us to uphold democracy through elections, not selections, Mir Junaid on meeting Lambardar’s, chowkidars

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Srinagar:  The Jammu Kashmir Workers Party (JKWP) president Mir Junaid on Thursday addressed a massive gathering of Lambardar’s, Chowkidars at environmental hall, Handwara. He advocated the need for upholding democracy through elections and not selections.

While addressing the gathering Mir Junaid said that the focal point of today’s gathering was to uplift the spirits of our valiant patriots and nationalists who have been dutifully serving our country and administration for over four decades, without allowing them to be disheartened or disadvantaged in any way.

“I personally took it upon myself to convene them all under one roof, to raise their morale and sincerely listen to their grievances. It is important for us to uphold democracy through elections, not by selections, as we are the world’s largest democracy. Henceforth, we beseeched the Lieutenant Governor’s (LG) administration to re-evaluate and scrutinize the Lambardar policy for the greater good of our country, or if they wish to replace them with new members, the process should be conducted through proper elections”, said Mir Junaid. 

Alternatively, those who have been persistently serving their blood relations should be given the charge, or made in-charge of the aforementioned post. These great men have laid down their lives for our nation, even during the tumultuous era of the 90s, when many withdrew to safety, these stalwarts stood firm with our constitution, our flag and our democracy, above everything else.

These individuals have been repeatedly targeted by Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ostracised by society in the early 1990s, treated as mere stooges, pawns or agents of the Indian government. They have faced the brunt of violent attacks, mentally and physically, borne the burden of numerous hardships.

 It is thus, our bounded duty and moral obligation to support them in their time of need, and stand with them in their earnest and genuine cause.

Aadil Akbar
Aadil Akbar
Special Correspondent (Jammu and Kashmir) - The author is a young journalist working in the field since the past 6 years. He has covered politics and human interest stories including war-like situation the Kashmir valley.


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