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‘I’m disqualified because PM Modi is scared of my next speech on corrupt Adani’, says Rahul Gandhi

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday held a press conference after his disqualifaction from the Lok Sabha in the PM Modi surname defamatory case.

Gandhi explained what he actually said during the 2019 rally about the Prime Minister and also took potshots at the BJP-led government over the Adani-Hindenburg issue.

“I have been disqualified because PM is scared of my next speech and what I am going to say about Mr Adani. I have seen the fear in PM’s eyes.

“There is a deep relationship between Narendra Modiji and Mr Adani.

“I have never made such a statement, it is ridiculous. I am not scared of these disqualifications, threats, and prison sentences.

I will not stop asking questions. What is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s relationship with Mr Adani?, and where did the ₹20,000 crore go?

“I am fighting for Loktantra in India and I am not scared of anyone,” Gandhi said.

“I am starting from the foundation. I asked only one question. Adani ji has the infrastructure business but the money is not his. I only wanted to know whose money is this ₹20,000 crore. I took information from media reports.

“The relationship between Narendra Modi and Adani is not new. It started from the time when Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat.

“I showed them the photo of Narendra Modi sitting on the airplane. My speech got expunged. I wrote a detailed letter to the Speaker,” the Gandhi scion added.


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