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Hanuman Chalisa, Suprabhata played at several temples in Karnataka against use of loudspeakers at mosques


Hanuman Chalisa, Suprabhata, Omkara and devotional songs were played at temples in different parts of Karnataka on Monday morning as part of a campaign by Hindu groups including Sri Rama Sene, alleging failure on part of the state government to take action against loudspeakers installed at mosques.

Recorded versions or bhajans being recited by those present at the temples were played out at around 5 AM to counter the morning Azaan being recited on loudspeakers at mosques.

There were reports of such incidents at temples in various places including Bengaluru, Hubballi, Belagavi, Mysuru, Chikkamagaluru, Yadgir, Mandya and Kolar among other places.

At places including in Bengaluru, some Hindu activists were detained by the police.

Sri Rama Sene chief Pramod Muthalik, who participated in early morning prayers at Anjaneya temple in Mysuru, said their campaign is against the government and the adamant Muslim community.

“For the last one year we have continuously been warning about the issues caused by the loudspeakers, disturbance to society, students and patients. We had also told Muslims, but nothing changed, no action was taken other than issuing notices. It was a drama. Even today mosques have not stopped playing loudspeakers at 5 AM,” he said.

The sound of Azaan during the other four times of the day is not being reduced in accordance to permissible limits, he said, “our fight has only begun today. If still no action is taken we will file a contempt petition in the High Court as it violates Supreme Court orders…This is not Taliban rule, Pakistan or Afghanistan. This is India, there is a constitution and rule of law here.”

Sri Rama Sene had earlier warned that it will counter morning Azaan with Hanuman Chalisa or Suprabhat or Omkara and devotional songs from 5 AM on May 9, if the government does not take action against loudspeakers installed at mosques.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said strict action will be taken in accordance with the court orders to control any activities that cause noise pollution.

“Everyone should abide by the court orders,” he said in a statement adding that the government will not hesitate to take strict action against those taking law into their hands.


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