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Gujarat Morbi tragedy: SIT probe reveals one of two main cables was corroded, major lapses listed in report

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Of the two main cables of the Morbi bridge that Ajanta Manufacturing Limited (Oreva Group) was responsible for operating and maintaining, one was corroded and nearly half of its wires “may be already broken” even before the cable snapped on October 30 evening, the special investigation team (SIT) appointed by the Gujarat government has found in its preliminary probe.

“It was observed that out of the 49 wires (of that cable), 22 were corroded, which indicates that those wires may have already broken before the incident. The remaining 27 wires recently broke,” the SIT said.

The SIT, appointed by the Gujarat government, found in its preliminary probe that corrosion on nearly half of the wires on a cable and welding of old suspenders with new ones were some of the major faults that led to the collapse of the suspension bridge in Morbi last year in which 135 people were killed.

The findings are part of the ‘Preliminary Report on Morbi Bridge Incident’ submitted by the five-member SIT in December 2022, which was recently shared with the Morbi Municipality by the state urban development department.


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