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Goats Finally Granted Freedom After Year-Long “Arrest” in Barisal, Bangladesh

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In a peculiar turn of events, a herd of nine goats, detained almost a year ago for grazing within a local graveyard in Barisal, Bangladesh, was granted their long-awaited freedom on Friday. The caprine “arrest” occurred on December 6, 2022, when the goats were captured for feasting on leaves and grass from trees within the cemetery premises.

Shahriar Sachib Rajib, the rightful owner of the goats, tirelessly appealed to Barishal City Corporation (BCC) Mayor Abul Khair Abdullah for the release of his animals, detained for nearly a year due to their unconventional offense. Responding to Rajib’s plea, the BCC, under the oversight of administrative officials Alamgir Hossain, and Road Inspectors Reazul Karim and Imran Hossain Khan, facilitated the return of the nine goats to their owner.

In a moment captured by the lenses, Rajib joyfully received his goats upon their liberation, signifying the end of their unusual stint behind bars and marking a peculiar chapter in the city’s history.

The goats’ release not only brings relief to their owner but also sparks an unusual yet amusing tale of the unlikely “detainees” who inadvertently found themselves entangled in a curious case of grazing in prohibited grounds.


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