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Ghaziabad building collapse: Family members mourn loss of kin

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Little did the family members of Sameer Ahmed, who married off his two children in January, know that tragedy will strike the family within a month. Sameer was among the two people killed in an under-construction building collapse in Loni near here on Sunday.

And, what was more tragic is that his other son, Sohail (20), saw his father get crushed under a collapsed scaffolding and die.

Sohail, who was standing on the scaffolding before it collapsed, was among the 11 injured in the incident in the Roop Nagar industrial area in Loni in Ghaziabad, neighbouring Delhi, police said.

Sohail, who also got injured, said, “I was standing on the scaffolding when it collapsed and my father was trapped under it. I was injured in the legs.

“The owner was there and he also got injured. There were 10 to 12 people present there when the incident happened and I have heard that they all were pulled out from the debris.” The injured labourers are undergoing treatment at GTB Hospital. At the hospital, the family members of Sameer (40) narrated the incident.

“He (Sameer) married off his son and daughter in January this year. My uncle was the contractor and was involved in constructing the walls. The scaffolding had been built by another contractor. Uncle died after being trapped under the scaffolding. His son Sohail also got injured in the incident,” said, Sarfaraz, Sameer’s nephew.

Sameer is survived by his wife, two sons and as many daughters. “His elder son and a daughter got married in January. They live in Prem Nagar in Loni from past many years,” Sarfaraz said.

The other labourers, who got injured and mostly hail from Jharkhand, had come here to ensure a better life for their family back home.

At the hospital’s emergency ward, they said their families back home were worried about their safety following the incident.

Sunny Ravidas (35), who hails from Jharkhand, said he was working at the site for the last 10 to 12 days. “I came to Loni earlier this month from my village and started working at the site. I was trapped under the debris and was later rescued. I received injury on my back. My wife and three kids live back in my village.

“I have spoken to them and informed them about the incident. They are very worried, but I assured them that there is no need to worry,” he said. Another survivor, Balkrishna Ravidas (25), also a resident of Jharkhand, told PTI that he had been working at the site since last month. “My right hand was injured in the incident after after a wooden plank fell on it. I have a wife and two kids who live in our village in Jharkhand,” he said.

Gulsagar Ravidas (25), also a resident of Jharkhand and works at a nearby site, had come to the hospital to help those who were injured.

“I was at my workplace when I heard about the incident. We belong to same area and work at Roop Nagar Industrial area. We reached the GTB hospital after the injured were shifted here. Since then, we have been here with the injured to help them in getting treatment as we all hail from same area,” he said. The police had initially feared 15-16 people were trapped under the debris. Local residents said the labourers were working on a construction site owned by a person named Madan Lal Sharma. Ravi Kumar, a municipal employee, said, “The incident took place around 2.45 pm. Four people were pulled out from the debris by local resident and rushed to the hospital. “The labourers who work at the site all live in nearby areas.”


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