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‘Get me a wife’: Rajasthan man’s letter to government official goes viral

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What’s trending on the internet today? It’s none other than a letter addressed to a ‘tehsildar’ carrying a bizarre demand. The copy tried to draw the attention of the government official towards his personal needs. In the letter, the man from Rajasthan’s Bahrawanda village asked the tehsildar to “find him a wife.”

People generally seek help from local administration bodies for societal welfare and reforms, however, this case was quite different which made it go viral on the internet. Not only did the man keep an usual demand forward but also listed down the characteristics he desires in an ideal life partner.

“Wife should be thin, fair, about 30-40 years in age,” the letter read. Also, The letter was marked to be very important and cleared on priority. Despite it going viral and triggering laughter bones, the authenticity of the document is questionable.

The letter was shared on Twitter on Monday and caught the eyes of netizens in no time. Over 22,000 people viewed the tweet and hundreds liked it on the microblogging site. Meanwhile, some Twitter users couldn’t stay back from commenting on the quirky demand. Take a look what people had to say in reply to the viral letter by Rajasthani man.


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