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FDA Inspection Reveals Alarming Food Safety Violations in Mumbai’s Restaurants

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A recent inspection conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Mumbai, India’s bustling financial capital, has shed light on long-standing food safety issues plaguing the city’s vibrant culinary scene, which boasts over 18,000 registered eateries.

The inspection resulted in fines and penalties for several restaurants, with two notable cases drawing attention. Krishna Fastfood in Charkop and Paradise Home Kitchen in Bandra were slapped with fines for multiple hygiene safety violations, including unsanitary kitchens. Krishna Fastfood faced a fine of Rs 15,000, while Paradise Home Kitchen was dealt a substantial penalty of Rs 40,000.

FDA officials discovered a concerning trend, with over 90 percent of the inspected restaurants lacking essential documentation, particularly medical certificates for employees. This highlights a systemic issue in the industry that demands immediate attention.

Mumbai Darbar in Mahim and the cloud kitchen outlet Hyprkytchen Foodtech Private Limited in Govandi were ordered to cease their operations. An FIR was filed against Mumbai Darbar for defying a stop-work order, and its operations will remain suspended until full compliance and the submission of a comprehensive report.

The inspection at Bademiya outlets uncovered disturbing violations, including the presence of cockroaches, rats, maggots, and spoiled vegetables within the premises. Such grave infractions prompted a directive to halt food business operations until valid food safety licenses are obtained, and all discrepancies are rectified.

In an effort to ensure that the food served in these establishments adheres to safety and quality standards, the FDA collected ten samples, including paneer, marinated chicken, and spices, for rigorous quality analysis.

This inspection has raised significant concerns about the thousands of eateries in Mumbai, catering to both local residents and foreigners, that seem to disregard fundamental food safety standards.

In response to these concerns, the FDA has joined forces with the Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHAR) to conduct a series of workshops aimed at enhancing awareness of food safety and cleanliness among hotel owners. These workshops cover a wide range of topics, including the maintenance of cleanliness, staff fitness certification, and dress codes, among others. The collaborative efforts seek to usher in a new era of improved food safety practices and hygiene standards in Mumbai’s bustling restaurant scene, ensuring the well-being of patrons and the reputation of the city’s culinary industry.


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