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Farmers Forced to Consider Organ Sale Amidst Debts: Nana Patole Slams BJP Govt’s Apathy

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Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President, Nana Patole, expressed deep concern over the distressing plight of farmers in Hingoli district, highlighting the alarming situation where farmers are contemplating selling their organs to settle their loans. Patole condemned the BJP-led government for its indifference and lack of action towards the agrarian crisis during his recent statements.

“In Maharashtra, renowned for legends like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shahu, Phule, and Ambedkar, it’s unfortunate that farmers are compelled to resort to organ sales due to mounting debts,” Patole lamented, criticizing the ruling BJP’s inaction.

Addressing the issue, Patole criticized the BJP government’s neglect of farmers’ plight, citing regional challenges like wet and dry droughts, plummeting crop prices, and the absence of proper procurement and support systems. He accused the government of neglecting farmers’ compensation for crop losses, unpaid incentives, and exploiting bureaucratic loopholes in declaring drought-hit regions.

Highlighting the government’s misplaced priorities, Patole emphasized the stark disparity between aiding industrialists with loan waivers worth crores while neglecting the financial crises faced by impoverished farmers. He criticized the administration’s lack of proactive measures to alleviate farmers’ hardships and pledged to demand accountability from the government during the upcoming winter session regarding the Hingoli farmers’ distress.


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