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Ex-MLA Krishna Hegde Faces Threats and Allegations, Seeks Police Intervention

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Krishna Hegde, former MLA, Deputy Leader, and Shiv Sena spokesperson, has brought forth alarming concerns of threat to life and blackmail, addressing a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner on December 7, 2023. The missive detailed an unsettling series of events involving persistent threats and malicious allegations aimed at Hegde.

Hegde reported receiving emails from a sender identified as monikadsouza1992@gmail.com, who, concealing their identity with a masked face in a video sent in the dark, made grave and defamatory accusations against Hegde. The accusations included allegations of sexual violence, brandishing firearms, and even threatening to harm her parents. These distressing emails were dispatched three times to four journalists, with one of them bringing the matter to Hegde’s attention during a conversation on December 6, 2023. The emails were originally sent on November 17, November 18, and November 26, 2023, prompting Hegde to promptly escalate the issue to the police on December 7.

Expressing his belief that these allegations might be linked to his involvement in investigating the Bliss Consultancy share broking scam, Hegde pointed fingers at individuals associated with the scam—Ashesh Mehta, Shivangi Lad Mehta, Nikki Shah, Nirmal Shah, and their collaborators. He suggested a possible motive behind these defamatory emails, positing that they could be an attempt to impede the investigation and potential arrest of Shailesh Mehta, father of scam-accused Ashesh Mehta. Shailesh Mehta was apprehended by Punjab police in Ahmedabad based on a complaint lodged by another investor, Viresh Singhal, in Mohali.

In his letter to the CP Mumbai, Hegde urged for a swift investigation to trace the IP addresses of the emails sent to journalists and to apprehend the culprits involved. Undeterred by these false accusations, Hegde vowed to pursue justice for the 6000 investors affected by the Bliss share scam, reiterating his commitment to uncover the truth behind the allegations.

Hegde extended gratitude to the Punjab police for their action in apprehending Shailesh Mehta and urged the Mumbai police to take swift action in the scam case, ensuring the arrest of all involved parties and their collaborators.

The unfolding scenario highlights the alarming nature of cyber threats and the need for a prompt and thorough investigation to safeguard against malicious attempts to obstruct justice.

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