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Devotee Presents Gigantic 301-Kilogram Modak to Lord Ganesh at Pune’s Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati

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In a heartwarming display of devotion during Ganesh Utsav, Nikhil Malani, a city-based food merchant, made headlines by presenting a colossal 301-kilogram modak to Lord Ganesh at Pune’s renowned Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Pandal. The offering left onlookers in awe as it took nearly two days to create this monumental modak, one of Lord Ganesh’s favorite treats.

A video capturing the momentous occasion shows a group of people carefully carrying the oversized motichur modak and placing it at the feet of the revered deity. The spectacle drew the attention of numerous devotees who marveled at the grand gesture of faith.

Remarkably, this is not Nikhil Malani’s first time offering a life-size modak to Lord Ganesh. He has been making these offerings for the past 20 years, with his initial offering weighing a modest 5 kilograms. Over the years, his devotion and dedication have grown, resulting in this extraordinary 301-kilogram modak, prepared with the meticulous craftsmanship of eight artisans.

The tradition of presenting modaks to Lord Ganesh during Ganesh Utsav symbolizes the love and devotion of the faithful devotees. It is a cherished tradition across India, where devotees offer not only modaks but also fruits, flowers, sweets, and donations at Ganpati Pandals, celebrating the beloved elephant-headed deity’s presence during this auspicious festival.

The grandeur and reverence surrounding such offerings exemplify the deep-rooted spirituality and cultural significance of Ganesh Utsav, which brings communities together in celebration and devotion to Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of new beginnings.


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