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Delhi’s Odd-Even Car Rationing Scheme Postponed Pending Supreme Court Review

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The implementation of Delhi’s much-anticipated odd-even car rationing scheme, which was set to commence on November 13, has been postponed by the city’s Environment Minister, Gopal Rai. The decision to delay the scheme was made in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s review of its impact on air pollution and its subsequent orders.

During a press conference held in the national capital, Environment Minister Gopal Rai revealed that the Delhi government would present the findings of two crucial studies conducted by the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago and Delhi Technical University. These studies aimed to assess the effectiveness of the odd-even scheme in curbing air pollution in the city.

“The decision to implement the odd-even scheme will be made only after the Supreme Court reviews its effectiveness and issues an order,” stated Rai, emphasizing the government’s commitment to relying on expert analysis before proceeding. He also noted that the next hearing on the matter is scheduled for Friday.

The government’s decision to postpone the scheme comes in response to the Supreme Court’s scrutiny of the initiative, with the court characterizing it as “all optics” and raising questions about its actual impact on air quality.

The odd-even car rationing scheme, a policy aimed at reducing vehicular emissions and air pollution in the city, was initially declared by the Delhi government. Under the scheme, vehicles in the national capital are permitted to ply on alternate days, depending on whether their registration numbers are odd or even. However, its actual implementation is now contingent on the Supreme Court’s review and subsequent directives.

Delhi residents and policymakers continue to await the court’s final decision on the fate of the odd-even scheme, which holds the potential to significantly impact the city’s air quality and transportation patterns.


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