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Delhi road rage: 1 killed, another man injured after car rams into bike, victim lies on speeding vehicle’s roof

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A hit-and-run incident in Delhi’s VIP zone has resulted in the death of a 30-year-old man, Deepanshu Verma, and left his cousin Mukul severely injured.

The incident took place on Saturday night at the intersection of Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Tolstoy Marg. The aftermath of the accident was recorded by a witness who was riding his scooter and pursuing the car. The footage shows the injured man lying on the roof of the speeding car as it sped away.

According to an eyewitness, Mohammad Bilal, who recorded the video, the car driver hit the two men riding a scooter, causing Deepanshu Verma to be thrown several feet away, while his cousin Mukul landed on the roof of the car. Despite the attempts of Bilal to alert the car driver by honking and shouting, the driver continued to speed away with the injured man still on the roof.

The police have registered a case of murder in connection with the incident, and the suspects have been arrested. However, the police have not released their names.

Deepanshu Verma’s sister, Unnati Verma, has accused the car driver of intentionally hitting her brother and leaving him to die. She alleges that the car driver did not stop despite seeing her brother on the roof of the car. When the suspects finally dumped him off the car, he hit his head, causing his death.

This incident has drawn parallels to the hit-and-run case that killed a 20-year-old woman, Anjali Singh, on New Year’s Day in Delhi’s Kanjhawala. She was dragged for nearly 12 kilometres by a car driven by five men who were aware that she was caught in the car’s undercarriage but did not stop.


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