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Delhi Accident: Locals block road demanding swift, stern punishment for culprits

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Scores of people gathered outside the Sultanpuri Police Station Monday and blocked traffic demanding punishment for the men who dragged a woman under their car for kilometres.

They alleged that police were treating the incident as an accident case.

The woman riding a scooter was dragged under a car being hit by it in outer Delhi’s Sultanpuri area Sunday night. She was reportedly dragged for about four kilometres and was found naked by police, an event which gave rise to speculations that the woman may have been raped too by the occupants of the car.

“At the time, when people are wearing five layers of clothes in winter, then what’s the likelihood of her being found naked,” one of the protesters said.

Malti, an aunt of the victim, said, “Police called us and informed us that our girl had met with an accident. We demand death for all who are responsible for her death. They did enormous damage to her family and must be punished.” Meanwhile, a team from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) reached Sultanpuri Police Station to inspect the Maruti Baleno car under which the woman was stuck long enough to be dragged for four kilometres.

Rekha, the mother of the victim, said, “I spoke to her at 9 pm on Saturday and asked when she would return. She said she will come home in some time. Later, I took my medicines and went to sleep, after that, I have no idea what happened.” Police are not doing anything, they are just trying to make it look like an accident, she said.

A video purported to be of the incident is in circulation on social media showing a moving car with someone, or something, stuck underneath it.

Deepak, an eyewitness to the incident, when he spotted the car and the woman under it, immediately called the police and reportedly chased it for several kilometres.

“The dead body was clearly visibly stuck under the car which did three rounds on the Kanjhawala Road taking U-turns after every few kilometres. Police just kept calling me and asking where I saw the body,” Deepak said.

Another eyewitness, Vikas, who works as a delivery boy for Zomato, said that the people in the car took a U-turn after they saw police barricades on Kanjahwala Road.

“I was completing an order when at Maharaja Agrasen Chowk a speeding car almost knocked me down. The occupants in the car saw police barricading ahead and took a U-turn at a very high speed and that’s when I saw the head of a girl hanging from the rear end of the car,” he said.

“I got scared but when met two policemen on a bike and informed them about it. I have been to the Sultanpuri Police Station as well and have given my statement there,” Vikas said.

Five men travelling in the Maruti Baleno have been nabbed.

A video of the woman’s body without clothes and broken legs made rounds on social media.


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