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DCM Fadnavis launches multimedia light and sound show at Gateway of India to mark 75 years of British Troops leaving Indian shores

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Mumbai: “Today is a historic day as it marks 75 years since the last British troops left India. On this occasion, we launched a multimedia light and sound show at the ‘Gateway of India’ this evening”, tweeted Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday night.

In a series of tweets, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “This gate was built to welcome King George V who came to Mumbai. But today, ‘Gateway of India’ has become a memorial of the defeat of British rule & immense sacrifices of India’s countless freedom fighters & revolutionaries. This is the ‘Gateway of India’ from which the British were forced to get out.”

Fadnavis further tweeted, “State Government decided that the glorious story of the Indian freedom struggle should be presented to the world with the latest technology. And here it is – that too in a very attractive and refreshing manner.”

The ‘Multimedia Light and Sound Show’ will be a new attraction for tourists from home and abroad who come to explore ‘Jivachi Mumbai’. Minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Shrikant Vaidya of Indian Oil Corp Ltd, senior officers and Mumbaikar’s were present on the occasion.

This being an iconic part of Mumbai, lakhs of people visit here, but now instead of going back just seeing the Gateway of India, they will also be enlightened about our rich history. Society often forgets historical events. It is said that those without history have no future.

Therefore, I had proposed the idea to Minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha that the memory and stories of the anonymous heroes who sacrificed themselves for freedom should be told to society during this ‘Amrit Kal’ of Independence. I am very glad that it has come true today! added Fadnavis

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