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Clyde Crasto’s Satirical Swipe: Urging BJP’s Ram Kadam to Forego Liquor and Meat for Life Due to ‘Ram ji’ in Name

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The political arena in Maharashtra witnessed a spirited exchange between NCP spokesperson Clyde Crasto and BJP MLA Ram Kadam, revolving around personal habits and religious sentiments. Crasto took a satirical jibe at Kadam, urging him to abandon the consumption of liquor and non-vegetarian food for life, given that ‘Ram ji’ is part of his name.

This remark emerged following Kadam’s demand for a prohibition on liquor and meat sales in Maharashtra on January 22, coinciding with the historic idol consecration of Lord Ram in Ayodhya after 450 years. Kadam urged the Maharashtra CM to implement a ban on liquor and meat sales across the state on this revered day. Additionally, he appealed to the Centre to enforce a nationwide ban on these items for one day, aligning with the sentiments of millions of Ram devotees on January 22.

Crasto’s tongue-in-cheek comment aimed at Kadam’s name, intertwining it with suggestions regarding his dietary choices, was met with Kadam’s earnest call for a temporary prohibition on the sale of liquor and meat on this significant day.

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