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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel: Over 450 Arrested, Rs 16 Crore Seized in Mahadev Betting App Case

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The controversy surrounding the Mahadev betting app in Chhattisgarh has led to a robust response from Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who revealed significant strides in the investigation during a statement on Tuesday. Baghel disclosed that the state has taken decisive measures since March 2022, resulting in over 90 FIRs and the arrest of more than 450 individuals in connection with the Mahadev betting app case.

During the investigation, authorities seized a substantial sum of ₹16 crore from bank accounts linked to the case. Additionally, laptops and mobile devices have been confiscated as part of the ongoing inquiry into this illicit gambling operation.

“Action is being taken in Chhattisgarh from March 2022. More than 90 FIRs have been registered and more than 450 have been arrested. An amount of ₹16 crore in bank accounts, laptops, and mobiles have been seized,” stated Chief Minister Baghel.

Furthermore, Baghel highlighted the proactive approach taken by Chhattisgarh authorities, extending their reach beyond the state borders. Lookout circulars have been issued, and collaborative efforts with other states, namely Maharashtra, Goa, and Odisha, are underway to address this widespread issue.

The Chief Minister’s announcement emphasizes the resolute efforts undertaken by the state government to curb illegal betting activities, signaling a strong stance against such practices and affirming a commitment to uphold the rule of law.


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