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CBSE Announces Exam Dates for Class 10 and 12 Board Exams 2024

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has unveiled the highly anticipated date sheets for the upcoming Class 10 and 12 board examinations of 2024. According to the released schedule, the Class 10 exams are scheduled to commence from February 15 and conclude on March 13. Simultaneously, the Class 12 examinations will kick off on February 15 and conclude on April 2, 2024. Students can access the detailed date sheets on CBSE’s official website at cbse.gov.in.

Compared to the previous academic year, where the exams commenced on February 15 and concluded on March 21 for Class 10, and April 5 for Class 12, this year’s schedule shows a slight modification in the exam period.

The results for the CBSE Class 10 and 12 exams for the academic year 2022-23 were declared on May 12, 2023. Last year, a substantial total of 38,83,710 students registered for the Class 10 and 12 board examinations, highlighting the immense significance and reach of CBSE exams across the country.

This year, a similar number of students, again totaling 38,83,710, have registered for the Class 10 and 12 board exams, with a significant portion, 21,86,940 students, enrolling for the Class 10 examinations.

The release of the date sheets has set the stage for thorough preparations among students, providing a clear timeline for their exam readiness. With the exams scheduled to begin in mid-February, students, educators, and parents are expected to initiate focused preparations to excel in these crucial assessments.

As the countdown to the examinations begins, CBSE remains committed to conducting fair and standardized assessments, ensuring that the evaluation process maintains the board’s high standards while offering students a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities.

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